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Year: 199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122016
Clans League Date
United States of America, Canada, Europe WCTFC2012-04-22 Details
Sweden, United Kingdom WCTFC S12010-03-21 Details
Germany, United Kingdom WCTFC S12010-03-18 Details
United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium WCTFC S12010-03-15 Details
Canada, Germany WCTFC S12010-03-08 Details
Sweden, United States of America WCTFC S12010-03-07 Details
United Kingdom, United States of America WCTFC S12010-02-23 Details
Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Switzerland WCTFC S12010-02-21 Details
Sweden, Canada WCTFC S12010-02-21 Details
Poland, Ireland, Germany WCTFC S12010-02-21 Details
United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium WCTFC S12010-02-15 Details
Sweden, Poland, Ireland WCTFC S12010-02-10 Details
Canada, Germany WCTFC S12010-02-08 Details
Poland, Ireland, Argentina WCTFC S12010-02-07 Details
United States of America, Spain WCTFC S12010-02-07 Details
Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain WCTFC S12010-02-03 Details
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