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GGDB MatchID:1250
League:ClanBase International Ladder
Style: 8on8
Teams Team 1Team 2
at | Anonymous Tactics ([Report Available] View Clan Report) aRF| Angry Roadkill Force
2437 / openfire_l[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 70 10
2438 / shutdown2[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 90 10
at | by RojolaRight, Angry Roadkilling Force was our opponent in this Clanbase match that was held in Openfire_l & Shutdown2 arenas in Anonymous Tactics stadium. After waking up the opponent both teams were ready to play. AT line-up for the night was...

Rojola, the bastard on openfire deck with playing as hewwy...
Gunni, playing as Y defence with soldier...
Thorm, as on laser control, soldier...
Samus Aran, flag def with autocannon and mighty browning...
Fedez, guest star engy....
Duracell, our newset prospect in offence...
Megiz the teenbiter, offence...
Murha OY, stalker of SG's...

Before the match started, aRF noticed that they were short-handed. I suggested that they use ringer but they said it was ok. Gotta respect that, no sidekicks in our team either. Match started little bit late as arffers were quite dizzy but eventually they managed to get their 7 man line-up online.
openfire_l*piip* Openfire started and crowd was cheering. aRF got touch on the flag on rush hour but our def was able to get the flag back. I was quite bored in deck as medics were too fast for me and I couldn't kill them at the yard, forcing them to use water route. We were supposed to play first with demoman on laser control switch but as Thorm was playing, we kept our old way. aRF didn't have very mighty offence at start, I guess they had 3 offence. I tried to keep the yard clean but their offence just overran me, luckily they got some piss-off damage (later I found out that they were really pissed off). Anyway, my efforts seemed quite lousy that time, especially when aRF had couple sollys in offence. Our offence got 7 flags from aRF base, GG, I hope that someone will write report from it... And thanks for healing me. They got laser down many times but Samus kept the flag safe with Fedez. when there was 8 minutes to play, aRF got the missing 8th member on server and they had a little boost, but our defence was solid.
shutdown21st round was over and aRF had full team for the second map. We changed to Shutdown2 and made few changes on line-up. MaTokainen was fragging in fr and Gunni went to bench. Fedez was playing on plank and Samus wanted to handle the engystuff. I moved to offence. We started and fastcap attempt was unsuccesfull as I died on my way to laser control. We pushed from plank & ramp and both very pretty easy to pass, lift was down almost all the time also. Our offence started to cap with slow pace but we were able to get ourselves together and pull out 9 flags before 2nd round ended. Fedez dropped in some point and was missing quite a while. Megiz took his plae on plank and we were left on 3 men offence. I can't say that it showed in performance. aRF didn't idle and that was good thing, they got some balancing from unequal Openfire. aRF took our flag once so our defence did very good job. Megiz made few homeruns in offence, nice job.
Nice job guys, we really showed their place this time. aRF accused us for being lame on Openfire. Their opinion was that I was spamming and being and asshole on the deck. I dont write down the spam part but I sure was annoying with that fat boy. They even started to snipe me at the end, I guess they should have done that earlier , or at least immediatly after they got their 8th member. Like one famous team once said, "The game is same for everyone, it's all about tactics". Amen to that.
at | vs. aRF| - Match Details - GGDB
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