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GGDB MatchID:1265
League:Friendly / No League / Unknown
Style: 8on8
Teams Team 1Team 2
nh. #Noobi-Heaven [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ ([Report Available] View Clan Report)
de [STS]LoB
de nh.Dexter
gb seth
de nh.Dodger
se nh.Zapette
de nh.orangensaft
us -/SS/-Oreoman
be nh.MighTy
at [~X~]FLiP
de [AF]FoX+
de [~X~]Snaky
de [~X~]Riipa
de [~X~]LordKharn
de [~X~]Sigm@
de [~X~]Suri
de kyleh
2490 / vidars[Log Available] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 220 160
2491 / well[Log Available] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 110 190
Files orangensaftAfter the Xenos had to delay their match for half an hour because of their tea time or something, we were finally able to start at 21:10h. They got kyleh as ringer, which I thought was pretty lame. Did they benefit from it? Not really. I didn't have enough active, interested players from nh., so I got LoB and Dodger from [STS] and Oreoman from -/SS/- to play with us. Did we benefit from it? Probably. I also had to get seth to play offy for us in the last minute, because suditwo lost his electricity in a bet.
by orangensaft
Our lineup on vidars started out as our three soldiers Dexter guarding the T, Dodger in the right upper ramp room and LoB on a wide position between water and left upper ramp room. Oreoman was fatty and I was failing as demoman in flagroom. The Xenos started out with 7 players, so I put Dodger into stand-by, since I didn't see any of their offence around anyways. Dexter wanted to change his position so I allowed him to be on top, LoB came down to take the T. After we let some more flags out (especially through T) LoB decided to move to front door. That's really all there was to it, the rest was just front door spam. I just know I could never hold the flag on it's original flagroom position for very long, thanks to kyleh, Sigm@ and especially my poor demo skills. The others played fine.
by seth
I was stuck with a swede who is really cc but wont admit it and some belgian concmaster, we flew around ze huge flagroom, scooped the flag and stormed out of le T to the safety of our defensive companions.
Only to be met with mirvs at front door =]. ze end
by MighTy
zap was buzzy
jeff was drunk
by Oreoman
Defense on Vidars played good me on hw made necessary stops when needed but the key stops were made by osaft and the soldiers as well as the comms which made vidars extremely easy for me and since they started with 3 o so they were slow to start. osaft wasnt dlin porn was the key to victory on vidars
by orangensaft
Well, what do we have here. It's someone using my Internet for non-TFC business! After a few minutes I realized my problem and got it fixed. Don't worry, next time I'll just kick everyone out of my WLAN before playing. Aaaaanyways.. LoB and Oreoman played two soldiers front door, leaving Dodger (sol) and Dexter (engi) to the flagroom. I was helping Dexter build his sentry first, then quickly switched to yard hwg - at least that was the plan, but the sneaky Xenos already destroyed the grate, forcing me onto my water position. They got in too easily, which resulted in everyone being frustrated and panicking. It went all chaos and medics were buildings tents in our flagroom to stay the night. When we noticed that someone's been using our candles, we tracked them down and banned them from our base. Siggi kept infecting me in the water. It was horrible. We totally underestimated this map. Lesson learned: If you're two caps in advance, pull fulldef.
by seth
aww hell naw!!
by MighTy
i didn't play well and there was a lack of teamwork
by Oreoman
osaft was too busy dlin porn to play for 7 minutes and fd had a little bit too much trouble makin stops but at the end it got better and def picked up once osaft stopped spankin his monkey
It was a good game, I had great fun playing TFC again and actually winning a map for once. If you'd take WCTFC scoring it was 1:1, but unfortunately they got two more caps and I have to count this as another lost match. :(
nh. vs. [~X~] - Match Details - GGDB
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