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GGDB MatchID:1278
League:TFM 5v5 Season 6
Style: 5on5
Teams Team 1Team 2
[HA] Herbs Army ([Report Available] View Clan Report) [TFH] Team Fortress Hooliclan
2520 / evenflow[No Log] [No Screenshot] [No HLTV Demo] 30 20
2521 / openfire_lowgrens[No Log] [No Screenshot] [No HLTV Demo] 30 0
[HA]by RastaWell, today it was once again time for the TFM 5o5 league and once again we had to play a new map (and additional a round of_low), this time evenflow. I think we could be happy that all mates looked over this map before the start of the game, but 15 minutes of ingame experiance were not enough to get a proper setup. But we had to try it against [TFH].
evenflowSo we started into the match with this new map. We wanted to play a 3 defense setup and this worked quite nice, even without train. But our offense had big problems to get a flag though they touched it from time to time. We decided to help our offys and got one defense to offense when a flag was moving. It worked and brought us the leading midmap. After this we were able to get 2 more flags through this way (I think at this moment I was alone at defense only a sentry was covering, too), but [TFH] used their chance and got to very fast recaps near the end. So the first round ended 3:2 in favourite for us.
openfire_lowgrensNow it was time for of_lowgrens and once again we tried a 3-def-setup. Our offense touched again and again, but it took time after the first lag came home. Our two offys (Flexy and heph) did a nice job and were able to get two more flags against the [TFH] defense while our opponent had no luck this round.
Overall a nice, fair and close match against those mates fom [TFH]! Vgg!
[HA] vs. [TFH] - Match Details - GGDB
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