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GGDB MatchID:1279
League:TFM 5v5 Season 6
Style: 5on5
Teams Team 1Team 2
[HA] Herbs Army ([Report Available] View Clan Report) [UZI] Urban Zone Infiltratorz
2522 / sublime_b1[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 80 0
2523 / zutalors[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 200 30
[HA]by RastaTonight we wanted to play a further match for the TFM5o5 League. Our opponent was [UZI] and the maps were sublime_b1 and zutalors. While some of us played zutalors a long time ago at the German Custom Cup, the map sublime was new to all of us and we just had time to look over it before the match. Additional we had some memberproblems tonight because most defenders were not around, but our two offys from poland liked to get into the defending positions.
sublime_b1So we started with sublime_b1 on the [UZI]Server which lagged a bit, but was still playable. Not much to say about this map (I paused for this half). Our defense could hold the base clean, while our 2 attackers got 8 flags out of the enemybase.
zutalorsOn zutalors we tried once again a 3-defense-setup and our 2 offys did quite nice by getting a few flags very early in game. Then one [UZI]member dropped and broke their defense. The enemys 2-offense was able to cap 3 times in the end, but our offense hadn't much problems with the 2 defenders of our opponent.
Overall a nice match with a too high win on zutalors for us! This half would have ended with a different score if there were no (frustrated?) drop!

Vgg [UZI]!
[HA] vs. [UZI] - Match Details - GGDB
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