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GGDB MatchID:1281
Style: 9on9
Teams Team 1Team 2
[HA] Herbs Army ([Report Available] View Clan Report) [SND+] Sin NingĂșn Dolor +
2526 / mortality_l[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 90 50
2527 / ss_nyx_ectfc[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 90 75
[HA]by RastaTonight we met [SND+] in KTFCL on mortality_l and ss_nyx_ectfc (9on9)
mortality_lWe started on mort with 5def and a comm-prob.
Was very thrilling in the first half! SND+ took the lead, we draw... always! When score was 5-5 I said: lets hold one flag def!!! and it worked :) We didnt lost any further flag and our offy continued capping
Score was 9-5 after 30 mins
ss_nyx_ectfcOn nyx we lost an early flag, while our enemy hold their flag for 5min (=1min) but our offy started to cap after a few mins, so we cud get and comfortable leading, but then our enemy started capping! We had some nice returns in def, but very weak resets.
Anyway, map ended 90-75
gg SND+...
[HA] vs. [SND+] - Match Details - GGDB
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