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GGDB MatchID:1282
Style: 8on8
Teams Team 1Team 2
[HA] Herbs Army ([Report Available] View Clan Report) -doGs-
2528 / 2kfort4[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 120 20
2529 / shutdown2[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 90 50
[HA]by RastaAfter the 1st weeks match of KTFCL was played on the last possible date, tonight we get the 2nd match for KTFCL in the beginning of the new matchweek. The opponent was the French clan -doGs- and as maps we should play 2kfort4 and sd2 on our opponents server.
2kfort4We started with 2kfort4 and had some problems with our membersetup, because we had nearly 2 offnse-teams available tonight, but somehow we could solve this problem before the start. Additional we had our old mate F@tM!ke as engi in our defense, because Skunky refused playing defense with his unstable connection (for this half). So the half began and once again our flag was moved with the rush (we have to work on this), but we were able to return it soon. Our offense did a great half and managed it to get behind the enemy-lines many times during the map with the result of 12 capped flags. The opponent struggled and struggled and earned 2 flags until the end of the 2fort clone.
shutdown2Next was sd2, one of the weaker maps for our defense at the moment. But after the first round we thought it wouldbe easy to handle, but this was wrong. While our opponent wasn't so strong on 2kfort4 they acted like berserks on sd2 and made pressure like hell. Our offense could achieve a close leading during the first 10 minutes, but -doGs- stayed close behind with some fast capped flags. When the score was 3:2 most of us remembered the [oHo] match, where the situation was nearly the same on exchange, but this time we reacted and changed the positions to look if our defense got more stable. In the end we lost 3 more flags until the end, but we could hold enough at home to get the time for our offense to cap more than the opponent.
Overall a very nice and thrilling match (sd2 was really close) against this fair and honest team from France. But when I look at the other report this is no wonder, cause they always gave us fair and enjoyable matches!

Vgg -doGs- and wp for your sd2 stompede!
[HA] vs. -doGs- - Match Details - GGDB
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