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GGDB MatchID:240
League:Friendly / No League / Unknown
Style: 8on8
Teams Team 1Team 2
|=NF=| Net-Freaks at | Anonymous Tactics ([Report Available] View Clan Report)
476 / monkey_l[No Log] [No Screenshot] [No HLTV Demo] 0 10
477 / stowaway_r[No Log] [No Screenshot] [No HLTV Demo] 70 70
at | by RojolaTour de Teuton started with friendly match against Net-Freaks. Never played against them but some of them had played against us in the past. First thing I heard from them on match day was that our HWG's have been dodgy and do we have the new ETAC plugin .pffffff.ff..ff They accepted to play on our server tho we don't have the plugin yet. Their map choice was monkey and our's was stowaway. Blackout didn't show up so we had to made some change to lineup.
monkey_lI played Bo's position as R HWG, sucks. Gunni was pit and ViltZ had T. Sauerkrauts had teleport-in-the-water tactic with offy engy of course. I wasn't really surprised as they had some familiar names from Simply IQ who used offy engy a lot on various maps. I think they got more touches than we did but somehow our offence was able to bring one flag. Their T soldier wasn't that good but FR HWG wiped ass. As we got their flag on the move, they increased defence so the offy engy started to make SG on their base. Dunno if they had 2 SG setup all the time. Quite in the end Gunni's HL crashed and they got our flag on the ramp. Our offy had couple engies too at that point so we gave back some of that "extra defence when needed" tactics. We were able to return flag and soon map ended. Tense.
stowaway_rGunni played FR HWG as Blackout was absent. Defence, including me and the rest, sucked hands down. Their offy got past my spam and ViltZ's carefully aimed in-your-legs rockets. FR had constant problems with spy. Both teams capped their first almost at the same time but after that Club Lederhosen showed the way and we controlled speed. At it's worst, enemy had 60 - 40 lead but somehow we we're able to rise and get it to 70 - 70. There was like minute & half left and they got our flag on top respawn. After fierce struggle they got it to deck and ultimately to the bridge. Our defence was there and prolly some offies too, this flag wasn't going to be capped. They had few spesc *PROPABLY GIVING INFORMATION THROUGH VOICE COMS* who started to give suggestions how to def the flag. We spammed the flag and fate decided that map will be drawn. O OU !
Due netsplits, I was not able to see their whine in IRC. Must have been ace. They accused us from spam, cheats, lameage and wondered why we didn't let the last flag out ? We don't give anything to those who start with "o ou ! flag moving need extra men in defence" tactics and then whine when we give the same shit back. I think some of them were pissed after the match, they had such a good streak going on and all :\ Was shite game from us so it deserves shit report like this I guess.

PS. Freaks your site is fucked it says we have played against you five times :E
|=NF=| vs. at | - Match Details - GGDB
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