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GGDB MatchID:3360
League:Wireplay Team Fortress Classic League Season 23 Division 1 ([Report Available] View Match on League Website)
Style: 8on8
Teams Team 1Team 2
nh. #Noobi-Heaven is a ninja isaninja
gb nh.hughy
gb nh.Enforcer
de [STS]Odin
gb nh.Rain Man
gb nh.NattyDREAD
de nh.N.O.L.F.
de nh.orangensaft
de nh.Dodger
gb bean is a ninja
L'agriculteur is a ninja
fr ice is a ninja
Organic Oranges is a ninja
eDge is a ninja
thomi is a ninja
aces is a ninja
DarkDays is a ninja
6687 / 2mesa3[Log Available] [Screenshot Available] [HLTV Demo Available] 0 130
6688 / siege[Log Available] [Screenshot Available] [HLTV Demo Available] 0 140
nh. vs. is a ninja - Match Details - GGDB
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