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GGDB MatchID:3365
League:Wireplay Team Fortress Classic League Season 16 Division 2 ([Report Available] View Match on League Website)
Style: 8on8
Teams Team 1Team 2
at | Anonymous Tactics ([Report Available] View Clan Report) [DA] Dark Alliance
6698 / monkey_l[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 20 30
6699 / openfire_lowgrens[No Log] [Screenshot Available] [No HLTV Demo] 20 50
at | by Rojola20th time againt these "willies". This was our 2nd WPTFCL match (read: fuck up) so again I was after some real skill for the night's lineup. Defence was me, Demonaz, DMW and ViltZ who had some major problems with BF server. Same reports were given from some Elite players. Offence was Megiz, korpse, scrappee and slippy. That doesn't look too bad on paper I would say.
monkey_lI was T, Demonaz pit, DMW FR demo and ViltZ as roaming FR engy with sentry peeping @ FR. Offy seemed to be totally off shape as DA was able to return many many flags. At the same time their capable offence was able to pressure us enough so that we conceded 3 flags, buhuu. This (the thing that DA kicks our asses in league match by just) has been so many times that no body seemed to care. Monkey seemed to be really neutral and nothing exciting happened really. I think I got one airshot, yey.
openfire_lowgrensWe had our ingenious 4/4 setup which didn't work against DA last time but I gave it a try (I never learn). Start was magnificent as we conceded fast cap in Openfire... JESUS CHRIST HOW THE HELL THAT IS EVEN POSSIBLE vs 3 OFFIES??! Well, I knew that this was lost cause so we just kept playing zombie style as narrator kept shouting "ENEMY FLAG RETURNED". keano got all SKENKED as I deffed the yard so he started to backtrack our offence, thanks. There was some mm1 whine/bullshit in the air but I didn't mind really. Interest to play dropped as our offy got their asses hunted half of the map and were overall poor anyway.
GG WP DA, outplayed.
at | vs. [DA] - Match Details - GGDB
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