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GGDB MatchID:3380
League:Wireplay Team Fortress Classic League Season 23 Division 1 ([Report Available] View Match on League Website)
Style: 8on8
Teams Team 1Team 2
.ll llama legion eL.
6732 / openfire_lowgrens[No Log] [No Screenshot] [No HLTV Demo] 100 60
6733 / 2kfort5[No Log] [No Screenshot] [No HLTV Demo] 90 40
Files CaTTaSo I’ve never written a match report before but I had a few moments to spare and thought why not? Firstly, congrats to ll on their win, this has really blown the league wide open.
openfire_lowgrensSadly, the game was one of those that’s just going to haunt us due to the squandering of a great opportunity to take on ll. We finally mashed together a team some 20 minutes late and headed to the server, fresh, straight into the openfire_lowgrens leg on the US server. Initially things were going well after we took an early lead up to 30-20 but I never seemed to grow comfortable with the 120ms ping and can best describe my performance as a howler -- with more missed concs than some of the new players appearing in #tfc.pickup. We ran a 5D strat that had worked very effectively against gt in a recent friendly, leaving just myself, kami and kali to take on ll’s finest.
The turning point came after a messy exchange where both flags got chased right into the yard through water and perhaps a bit of tactical planning (or just luck of the flag carriers) seemed to take ll increasingly out via water thereafter. This ruined us on offence. They held a solid line to begin with but approaching on less than half health for a vast number of runs crippled our momentum and caused my concentration to wander – forcing a swap to scout from myself just to get a bit of flag movement going. Here, ll pressed their advantage and took a few quick caps to take the lead and put it out of sight. With complete overrun of our defence seeming likely congrats are deserved to our motley crew for keeping the damage restricted to 10 caps – although five-player defence was likely our main salvation from embarrassment.
By the end of the map tensions were running high and I’m lead to believe each teams offence started to get a bit dirty (kami and kali swear to only accidental blocks) but I do not have the desire to acquire and review the HLTV to try to find out who started what – openfire is a blocky map. :)
2kfort5And so we moved to 2kfort and back to familiar latency with repeated curses to myself that the rules forced openfire away but 2fort at home. There is very little to say about this half, it went on as 2fort tends to with my only mental notes being that I should have freed Skoal to play offence and taken up the HW role myself (something I dislike playing but keep getting reminded I can play OK, or at least better than my DM medic). That, and while I understand jests and gibes I really don't understand the humour and wit-less way that TFC players seem to throw insults around, hmm.
Overall one of those games that just should have been more interesting (read: closer), but in order to win, first the team has to show up. But hey, we went for it anyways and props to everyone for giving it a solid go. Until next time, ll.
.ll vs. eL. - Match Details - GGDB
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