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Clans League Date
[S@W] Soldiers at Work, [AAA] Azraels Avenging Angels Friendly1999-12-19 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DTH] Friendly1999-12-19 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [TUS] Friendly1999-12-18 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [Sw_Fr] Swissman Fraggers CB1999-12-17 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [VVV] Friendly1999-12-13 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DA] Dark Alliance Friendly1999-12-12 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [MWA] Friendly1999-12-10 Details
[UTD] Unique Tactical Dreamteam, [D-Walk] Daywalker's Friendly1999-12-08 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [BHC] Bountyhunter Clan Friendly1999-12-08 Details
[BHC] Bountyhunter Clan, [C4] IGL1999-12-05 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [EFF] Eala Freya Frensa (?) Friendly1999-12-05 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [PGM] Friendly1999-12-02 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [LP] LanPriests IGL1999-12-01 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [AGL] Friendly1999-12-01 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [C4] IGL1999-11-28 Details
[BHC] Bountyhunter Clan, [EFF] Eala Freya Frensa (?) Friendly1999-11-27 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -VC- Veterans Clan Friendly1999-11-24 Details
[BHC] Bountyhunter Clan, [HF] Heinerfest Friendly1999-11-23 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [YWC] Your Worst Case DTFCL1999-11-14 Details
[S@W] Soldiers at Work, [CU] Crowbars United Friendly1999-11-12 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [D-Walk] Daywalker's DTFCL1999-11-07 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, SM. Friendly1999-11-04 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [MUF] Friendly1999-11-01 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [HF] Heinerfest DTFCL1999-10-31 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [BAD] Belgian Armed & Dangerous CB1999-10-25 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, -DSF- Deutsche Schattenfraktion DTFCL1999-10-22 Details
[BHC] Bountyhunter Clan, [GSG9] GrenzSchutzGruppe 9 Friendly1999-10-22 Details
[AGL], [BHC] Bountyhunter Clan Friendly1999-10-17 Details
[S@W] Soldiers at Work, [YWC] Your Worst Case Friendly1999-10-17 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [Dice] CB1999-10-12 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [EFF] Eala Freya Frensa (?) IGL1999-10-03 Details
[S@W] Soldiers at Work, [DS] Dark Sunrise Friendly1999-10-03 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -VC- Veterans Clan DTFCL1999-10-03 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [ERA] European Rebel Alliance DTFCL1999-10-01 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [AV] Austrian Vanguards CB1999-09-30 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [DO] Dark Omens Friendly1999-09-29 Details
[FK] Freundeskreis (as Allstar Edition), [FsA] Friede seiner Asche DTFCL1999-09-28 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [sci] the Scientists CB1999-09-27 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [G-sus] G-Sus (Jesus) DTFCL1999-09-26 Details
[FK] Freundeskreis (as Allstar Edition), [iQ] simply IQ DTFCL1999-09-23 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [EFF] Eala Freya Frensa (?) DTFCL1999-09-23 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [GoE] Gods of Egypt DTFCL1999-09-19 Details
[FK] Freundeskreis (as Allstar Edition), [57th] 57th DTFCL1999-09-18 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [ES] Elite Squad IGL1999-09-17 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [SW] Shadow Warriors CB1999-09-16 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [B.M.W] [B.M.W]-Clan DTFCL1999-09-16 Details
[B.M.W] [B.M.W]-Clan, [RwaC] Friendly1999-09-15 Details
[B.M.W] [B.M.W]-Clan, -VC- Veterans Clan DTFCL1999-09-12 Details
[S@W] Soldiers at Work, [G-sus] G-Sus (Jesus) Friendly1999-09-11 Details
[B.M.W] [B.M.W]-Clan, [RwaC] Friendly1999-09-08 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [C4] DTFCL1999-09-07 Details
[FK] Freundeskreis (as Allstar Edition), [KRAUTS] Krauts Friendly1999-09-02 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [tmcs] the mighty clan sissy IGL1999-08-29 Details
[S@W] Soldiers at Work, [UFS] Friendly1999-08-29 Details
[S@W] Soldiers at Work, [GSG9] GrenzSchutzGruppe 9 Friendly1999-08-29 Details
[B.M.W] [B.M.W]-Clan, SG1| Stargate Commando Friendly1999-08-26 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [57th] 57th IGL1999-08-05 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [DONut] DONut Family CB1999-07-29 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [ERA] European Rebel Alliance IGL1999-07-18 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [55thCD] CB1999-07-11 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [HF] Heinerfest Friendly1999-06-26 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [DONut] DONut Family CB1999-06-24 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [Dice] CB1999-06-23 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [C4] IGL1999-06-20 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, -VC- Veterans Clan IGL1999-06-16 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, -VC- Veterans Clan IGL1999-06-15 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [ES] Elite Squad IGL1999-06-10 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [CD] IGL1999-06-02 Details
[HA] Herbs Army, [C4] IGL1999-06-02 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [HA] Herbs Army IGL1999-06-02 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [GoE] Gods of Egypt IGL1999-05-26 Details
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