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Clans League Date
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, N. Clan N GTFL2003-12-10 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [conc] crazy old 'n crispy GTFL2003-12-03 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, BORG BORG - Clan CTFCL2003-11-26 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [UTD] Unique Tactical Dreamteam GTFL2003-11-25 Details
=TFT= The Fragger Team, =[O*Z]= OunerZ FTFCL2003-11-19 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [AEG] Alpha Expert Gamers Friendly2003-11-18 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, [DS] DesertStorm CTFCL2003-11-16 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, -wDw- Who Dares Wins CTFCL2003-11-11 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, *=[PA]=* Putos Amos CTFCL2003-11-09 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, NTG CTFCL2003-11-04 Details
Finland, France ECTFC S52003-11-01 Details
Finland, Poland ECTFC S52003-10-31 Details
Finland, England ECTFC S52003-10-29 Details
Netherlands, Denmark ECTFC S52003-10-28 Details
Italy, Germany ECTFC S52003-10-28 Details
Germany, Wales ECTFC S52003-10-28 Details
United States of America, Germany ECTFC S52003-10-28 Details
Poland, England ECTFC S52003-10-28 Details
Poland, Ireland ECTFC S52003-10-28 Details
England, Ireland ECTFC S52003-10-28 Details
England, Spain ECTFC S52003-10-28 Details
Finland, Ireland ECTFC S52003-10-28 Details
Italy, Wales ECTFC S52003-10-27 Details
Finland, Spain ECTFC S52003-10-27 Details
United States of America, Wales ECTFC S52003-10-26 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [AF] Austrian Fraggers GTFL2003-10-26 Details
Netherlands, Canada ECTFC S52003-10-25 Details
Finland, |-FI98-| Fachinformatiker 98 Friendly2003-10-23 Details
Finland, France Friendly2003-10-22 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [FK] Freundeskreis GTFL2003-10-19 Details
Finland, Austria Friendly2003-10-19 Details
Finland, Portugal Friendly2003-10-15 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [TR] Tempelritter GTFL2003-10-12 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, GPS GTFL2003-10-05 Details
[:)] Team Smile, [SCOT] Scottish Clansmen of Terror Friendly2003-09-28 Details
Netherlands, France ECTFC S52003-09-27 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare ETFCL2003-09-21 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [-lS-] lucky soldiers Friendly2003-09-17 Details
=TFT= The Fragger Team, -ok- NSC2003-09-14 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [Sw?] So What? Friendly2003-09-11 Details
=BC= BodyCount, SAS| Friendly2003-09-09 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [Sw?] So What? Friendly2003-09-07 Details
=TFT= The Fragger Team, SfS| Street Fighter Squad NSC2003-09-04 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [BAD] Belgian Armed & Dangerous CTFCL2003-09-03 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] CTFCL2003-09-01 Details
=TFT= The Fragger Team, [ZKN] NSC2003-08-31 Details
=BC= BodyCount, -Lgy- Friendly2003-08-21 Details
=BC= BodyCount, SAS| Friendly2003-08-18 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [Sw?] So What? CTFCL2003-08-17 Details
=TFT= The Fragger Team, -Ls- NSC2003-08-14 Details
=BC= BodyCount, <|187|> Clan 187 ETFCL2003-08-10 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [MLNW] Make Love Not War CTFCL S22003-08-09 Details
=BC= BodyCount, SAS| Friendly2003-08-07 Details
=TFT= The Fragger Team, [C&H]-B NSC2003-08-06 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [ATTT] CTFCL S22003-08-03 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, *=[PA]=* Putos Amos WPTFCL S8 D52003-07-30 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [FK] Freundeskreis (as Second Edition) Friendly2003-07-28 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [R-Nx] The Rough-Nex WPTFCL S8 D52003-07-23 Details
=BC= BodyCount, USCMr Friendly2003-07-23 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ Friendly2003-07-22 Details
=BC= BodyCount, -sf- Friendly2003-07-22 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [TR] Tempelritter Friendly2003-07-20 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, FCC Friendly2003-07-15 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare Vitality2003-07-14 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [WsK] Friendly2003-07-08 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [D-Walk] Daywalker's Friendly2003-07-02 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [SEAL] Friendly2003-07-01 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [TE] ETFCL2003-07-01 Details
=BC= BodyCount, <|187|> Clan 187 Friendly2003-06-31 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [SND+] Sin Ningún Dolor + Friendly2003-06-30 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -bCm- Friendly2003-06-29 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -bCm- Friendly2003-06-29 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, SaB Friendly2003-06-29 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, SaB Friendly2003-06-29 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, SaB Friendly2003-06-29 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -bCm- Friendly2003-06-29 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [r@ts] Rats Clan ETFCL2003-06-26 Details
at | Anonymous Tactics, [CiC] Cable Internet Clan WPTFCL S7 D22003-06-26 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, MPK Friendly2003-06-25 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [MsA] Mentis Supero Arma WPTFCL S7 D12003-06-25 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [XXX] Hardc0re WPTFCL S7 D12003-06-24 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [TE] Friendly2003-06-23 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, e^ ~electronical~ GTFL2003-06-22 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [DW] Digital Warfare Friendly2003-06-19 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, =||TNG||= The New Generation Friendly2003-06-17 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, MPK Friendly2003-06-17 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [LoG] Friendly2003-06-16 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, =TFT= The Fragger Team Friendly2003-06-13 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [iQ] simply IQ GTFL2003-06-11 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, =||TNG||= The New Generation Friendly2003-06-10 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [SEAL] Friendly2003-06-10 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare Vitality2003-06-09 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [MDB] Malevolent Death Bringers WPTFCL S7 D12003-06-08 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -bCm- FTFCL S62003-06-05 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -oXy- Friendly2003-06-04 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [LTD] Friendly2003-06-04 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare UKTFCL2003-06-03 Details
=BC= BodyCount, <|187|> Clan 187 Vitality2003-06-02 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, WoF Friendly2003-06-01 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [Sw?] So What? Friendly2003-06-01 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [LmF] Friendly2003-05-30 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DA] Dark Alliance WPTFCL S7 D12003-05-29 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, ViP Friendly2003-05-28 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -=)SF(=- Starfighters Clan GTFL2003-05-27 Details
=BC= BodyCount, -ViP- Friendly2003-05-27 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, =]MDK[= Friendly2003-05-24 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, Staps| Friendly2003-05-22 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [Dtm] WPTFCL S7 D12003-05-22 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [NAIN] Friendly2003-05-21 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare Vitality2003-05-19 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] UKTFCL2003-05-18 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -bCm- Friendly2003-05-17 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [MPK] WPTFCL S7 D12003-05-15 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -bCm- Friendly2003-05-14 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [TE] UKTFCL2003-05-13 Details
=BC= BodyCount, <|187|> Clan 187 Vitality2003-05-12 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [BAD] Belgian Armed & Dangerous CTFCL2003-05-11 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -=DMS=- Friendly2003-05-09 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare CTFCL2003-05-08 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [Bros] ETFCL2003-05-07 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DaP] UKTFCL2003-05-06 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [LoG] ETFCL2003-05-04 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -Ti- Friendly2003-05-02 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [BK-034] Bunker-034 UKTFCL2003-05-01 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, OnU| Friendly2003-04-30 Details
=BC= BodyCount, LBU| Friendly2003-04-28 Details
[S@W] Soldiers at Work, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ Friendly2003-04-27 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [TaM] Tactical Marines Friendly2003-04-27 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] UKTFCL2003-04-27 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, LvS Friendly2003-04-25 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [MsA] Mentis Supero Arma ETFCL2003-04-24 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -ok- Friendly2003-04-23 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [TaM] Tactical Marines Friendly2003-04-22 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [SSK] UKTFCL2003-04-22 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [FTK] FTFCL S52003-04-20 Details
=BC= BodyCount, =mcl= Magna Cum Laude Friendly2003-04-17 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ Friendly2003-04-16 Details
=BC= BodyCount, SfS Friendly2003-04-16 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [BHC] Bountyhunter Clan Friendly2003-04-15 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [LoG] UKTFCL2003-04-15 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [BK-034] Bunker-034 Vitality2003-04-14 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [SEAL] Friendly2003-04-13 Details
=BC= BodyCount, an][ [aut nihil] UKTFCL2003-04-13 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, NTG Friendly2003-04-12 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, BHLG Best Half-Life Gang Friendly2003-04-10 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [TE] Friendly2003-04-10 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [TE] UKTFCL2003-04-09 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [JAV] CTFCL S12003-04-08 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare Vitality2003-04-07 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, DNS Friendly2003-04-06 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, www. CTFCL S12003-04-06 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [XXX] Hardc0re UKTFCL2003-04-06 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, 4e Friendly2003-04-04 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, =||TNG||= The New Generation Friendly2003-04-03 Details
=BC= BodyCount, LBU| Friendly2003-04-03 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [D-Walk] Daywalker's Friendly2003-04-02 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [PS] Perfect Soldiers GGTFCL2003-04-01 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [LoG] Friendly2003-04-01 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, *A-TEAM* FTFCL S52003-03-30 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [MsA] Mentis Supero Arma CTFCL2003-03-27 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -bCm- FTFCL S52003-03-26 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] CTFCL2003-03-24 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, CZ`TFC Friendly2003-03-22 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [koSm] kings of Sunday morning Vitality-x2003-03-20 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, ViP Friendly2003-03-19 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, BA Bloody Angels Friendly2003-03-18 Details
=BC= BodyCount, LBU| UKTFCL2003-03-18 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [SSK] Vitality-x2003-03-17 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [ALK] Ansammlung lästiger Krieger GTFL2003-03-16 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, |Tw| CTFCL S12003-03-14 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare UKTFCL2003-03-13 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [TEG] Tactical Enforcement Group GTFL2003-03-12 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [C&H]-B FTFCL S52003-03-12 Details
=BC= BodyCount, LBU| Vitality-x2003-03-12 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [TEG] Tactical Enforcement Group GTFL2003-03-11 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [BAD] Belgian Armed & Dangerous Vitality-x2003-03-11 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] Vitality-x2003-03-10 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [TR] Tempelritter GGTFCL2003-03-09 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, omg. CTFCL S12003-03-09 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [@c] Accros du Combat Friendly2003-03-07 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [TE] Friendly2003-03-06 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [TEG] Tactical Enforcement Group GTFL2003-03-05 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, ><((R> FTFCL S52003-03-05 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [XXX] Hardc0re Friendly2003-03-05 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, WoZ Friendly2003-03-04 Details
[DA] Dark Alliance, [-KI-] Krümelmonster-Invasion CTFCL S12003-03-02 Details
[DA] Dark Alliance, [SCW] CTFCL S12003-03-02 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -tsk- CTFCL S12003-03-02 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [IR] Friendly2003-03-02 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, OnU| Friendly2003-03-01 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [FTK] CTFCL S12003-02-27 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, 4e Friendly2003-02-25 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] Friendly2003-02-25 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare Vitality2003-02-24 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, Staps| FTFCL S52003-02-23 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [ERA] European Rebel Alliance CTFCL2003-02-23 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, +H+ Friendly2003-02-21 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [IR] CTFCL2003-02-20 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [HA] Herbs Army Friendly2003-02-19 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, SfS| Street Fighter Squad CTFCL S12003-02-19 Details
=BC= BodyCount, Lc. Vitality2003-02-17 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [LoG] Friendly2003-02-16 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [TFC] FTFCL S52003-02-14 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, ViP Friendly2003-02-13 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] Friendly2003-02-13 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, gR GGTFCL2003-02-11 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [ALK] Ansammlung lästiger Krieger GTFL2003-02-11 Details
=BC= BodyCount, LBU| Friendly2003-02-11 Details
=BC= BodyCount, <|187|> Clan 187 Vitality2003-02-10 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [ALK] Ansammlung lästiger Krieger GTFL2003-02-09 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, *A-TEAM* Friendly2003-02-09 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [LoG] CTFCL2003-02-09 Details
=BC= BodyCount, v8. Friendly2003-02-07 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [USRF] CTFCL S12003-02-06 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [TE] Friendly2003-02-05 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [TaM] Tactical Marines GGTFCL2003-02-04 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, =)So6(= FTFCL S52003-02-04 Details
=BC= BodyCount, <|187|> Clan 187 CTFCL2003-02-04 Details
=BC= BodyCount, an][ [aut nihil] Vitality2003-02-03 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, +H+ Friendly2003-01-31 Details
=BC= BodyCount, -ST- Friendly2003-01-30 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [FTK] Friendly2003-01-29 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [UTD] Unique Tactical Dreamteam GGTFCL2003-01-28 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [DW] Digital Warfare UKTFCL2003-01-28 Details
=BC= BodyCount, Lc. Vitality2003-01-27 Details
=BC= BodyCount, <|187|> Clan 187 BWTFCL2003-01-26 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [FoF] Friendly2003-01-25 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, =VCM= Friendly2003-01-24 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] Friendly2003-01-24 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [LmF] Friendly2003-01-22 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, otaku otaku Friendly2003-01-21 Details
=BC= BodyCount, USCMr Friendly2003-01-21 Details
=BC= BodyCount, <|187|> Clan 187 Vitality2003-01-20 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [MOFO] Friendly2003-01-18 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [C&H]-B Friendly2003-01-17 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [K-Attack] Krauts-Attack Friendly2003-01-15 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, CCC Friendly2003-01-15 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [ALK] Ansammlung lästiger Krieger Friendly2003-01-14 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] UKTFCL2003-01-14 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [BAD] Belgian Armed & Dangerous Vitality2003-01-13 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [SSK] UKTFCL2003-01-12 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, =)So6(= Friendly2003-01-10 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -=DMS=- Friendly2003-01-08 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [Mystery] Mystery GTFL2003-01-07 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [CJK] UKTFCL2003-01-07 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] Vitality2003-01-06 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [iQ] simply IQ GTFL2003-01-05 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [8th] BWTFCL2003-01-05 Details
=BC= BodyCount, dB. Friendly2003-01-04 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -ut- Friendly2003-01-02 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, otaku otaku Friendly2003-01-01 Details
=BC= BodyCount, [-RvR-] Friendly2003-01-01 Details
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