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Clans League Date
[D3C] Dr3am Clan, FFS| For Frags Sake NTFCL S6 D32006-12-17 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, [En] Erdnuckels NTFCL S6 D32006-12-17 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [BHC] Bountyhunter Clan NTFCL S6 D32006-12-14 Details
[BHC] Bountyhunter Clan, [D3C] Dr3am Clan NTFCL S6 D32006-12-10 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [CiC] Cable Internet Clan Friendly2006-12-10 Details
[CiC] Cable Internet Clan, FFS| For Frags Sake NTFCL S6 D32006-12-05 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -=]3S[=- 3vil Soldiers Friendly2006-12-04 Details
FFS| For Frags Sake, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ NTFCL S6 D32006-12-03 Details
[D3C] Dr3am Clan, [En] Erdnuckels NTFCL S6 D32006-12-03 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, at | Anonymous Tactics Friendly2006-12-03 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [BHC] Bountyhunter Clan Friendly2006-11-29 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, eLa? Friendly2006-11-28 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, DaC| Friendly2006-11-27 Details
[En] Erdnuckels, =[O*Z]= OunerZ NTFCL S6 D32006-11-26 Details
[BHC] Bountyhunter Clan, [CiC] Cable Internet Clan NTFCL S6 D32006-11-26 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, eLa? Friendly2006-11-22 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -=]3S[=- 3vil Soldiers Friendly2006-11-21 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, -=PG=- Friendly2006-11-19 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, -=]3S[=- 3vil Soldiers Friendly2006-11-16 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, otaku otaku Friendly2006-11-14 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [CiC] Cable Internet Clan Friendly2006-11-13 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ Friendly2006-11-12 Details
=[O*Z]= OunerZ, sDk Friendly2006-10-26 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -=CfC=- Crap Fun Clan Friendly2006-09-24 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, *AP* Friendly2006-08-31 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, *AP* Friendly2006-08-29 Details
AoN. All or Nothing, [TsK] The Suicide Krew Friendly2006-07-30 Details
-z|0- Team Zero, [rk] Friendly2006-07-26 Details
-z|0- Team Zero, -=CfC=- Crap Fun Clan Friendly2006-07-25 Details
=[IDK]= Insane Dutch Killers, -z|0- Team Zero Friendly2006-07-23 Details
-z|0- Team Zero, [ED] Friendly2006-06-01 Details
-z|0- Team Zero, -=TLO=- The Lost Ones Friendly2006-05-25 Details
, +wd+-z|0- Team Zero Friendly2006-05-24 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [BHC] Bountyhunter Clan Friendly2006-05-07 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -=TLO=- The Lost Ones Friendly2006-05-03 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -=TLO=- The Lost Ones Friendly2006-04-26 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, FFS| For Frags Sake Friendly2006-04-25 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, Dr. Friendly2006-04-23 Details
^wotr^ weapons of the rebellion, -z|0- Team Zero Friendly2006-04-23 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -[IDK]- Friendly2006-04-12 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, mQ Friendly2006-04-11 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -=TLO=- The Lost Ones Friendly2006-04-04 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, monGz Friendly2006-04-02 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, =|DMW|= Dead Men Walking Friendly2006-03-28 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -[VTF]- Viking Team Fortress Friendly2006-03-19 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [En] Erdnuckels WPTFCL S18 D42006-03-12 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, -aF Already Folded Friendly2006-03-06 Details
#myT1nk #myT1nk, [MsA] Mentis Supero Arma NTFCL S4 D12006-02-28 Details
[MsA] Mentis Supero Arma, =mcl= Magna Cum Laude NTFCL S4 D12006-02-19 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [BHC] Bountyhunter Clan Friendly2006-02-19 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ Friendly2006-02-19 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, [@c] Accros du Combat Friendly2006-02-12 Details
=mcl= Magna Cum Laude, #myT1nk #myT1nk NTFCL S4 D12006-02-05 Details
[K-Attack] Krauts-Attack, [MsA] Mentis Supero Arma NTFCL S4 D12006-02-05 Details
[STS] Star Trek Soldiers, =[IDK]= Insane Dutch Killers Friendly2006-02-05 Details
[DA] Dark Alliance, #myT1nk #myT1nk NTFCL S4 D12006-02-01 Details
[K-Attack] Krauts-Attack, [DA] Dark Alliance NTFCL S4 D12006-01-29 Details
[Sw?] So What?, [DA] Dark Alliance NTFCL S4 D12006-01-24 Details
[DA] Dark Alliance, [MsA] Mentis Supero Arma NTFCL S4 D12006-01-22 Details
-|7th|- 7th-Med, hS| Heavens Saints Friendly2006-01-19 Details
=mcl= Magna Cum Laude, [DA] Dark Alliance NTFCL S4 D12006-01-11 Details
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