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Clans League Date
[OHM] Project-Omega, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ (as Poor Dogs) NTFCL S6 D22008-12-21 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, hR~ hyperactive Rabbits NHTFCL S22008-12-21 Details
[OHM] Project-Omega[OHM] Project-Omega (as Project - Gamma) NHTFCL S22008-12-21 Details
`els. Elsass Team, [OHM] Project-Omega (as Project - Gamma) NTFCL S6 D22008-12-19 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, |ts-X| the specialists - X NHTFCL S22008-12-14 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, [OHM] Project-Omega NTFCL S6 D22008-12-14 Details
[OHM] Project-Omega (as Project - Gamma), [@c] Accros du Combat NTFCL S6 D22008-12-14 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, <3 love! NHTFCL S22008-12-14 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, [@c] Accros du Combat NTFCL S6 D22008-12-09 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, `els. Elsass Team NTFCL S6 D22008-12-07 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ NHTFCL S22008-12-07 Details
[OHM] Project-Omega, `els. Elsass Team NTFCL S6 D22008-12-07 Details
|ts-X| the specialists - X, [OHM] Project-Omega NHTFCL S22008-12-05 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, [OHM] Project-Omega NHTFCL S22008-11-30 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ (as Poor Dogs) NTFCL S6 D22008-11-30 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, [OHM] Project-Omega (as Project - Gamma) NTFCL S6 D22008-11-30 Details
`els. Elsass Team, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ (as Poor Dogs) NTFCL S6 D22008-11-30 Details
[@c] Accros du Combat, [OHM] Project-Omega NTFCL S6 D22008-11-30 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, [OHM] Project-Omega (as Project - Gamma) NHTFCL S22008-11-16 Details
[OHM] Project-Omega, <3 love! NHTFCL S22008-11-16 Details
fH. Flying Highhhhh, |ts-X| the specialists - X NHTFCL S22008-11-10 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, [OHM] Project-Omega NHTFCL S22008-11-09 Details
hR~ hyperactive Rabbits, [OHM] Project-Omega (as Project - Gamma) NHTFCL S22008-11-06 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, |ts-X| the specialists - X NHTFCL S22008-11-03 Details
<3 love!, =RS= ReD SoldierS NHTFCL S22008-11-03 Details
[OHM] Project-Omega (as Project - Gamma), <3 love! NHTFCL S22008-11-02 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, =RS= ReD SoldierS NHTFCL S22008-10-30 Details
|ts-X| the specialists - X, hR~ hyperactive Rabbits NHTFCL S22008-10-27 Details
[OHM] Project-Omega, =RS= ReD SoldierS NHTFCL S22008-10-26 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [OHM] Project-Omega, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ Friendly2008-09-15 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [OHM] Project-Omega Friendly2008-09-12 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [OHM] Project-Omega Friendly2008-08-26 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, s0s. Special Zero Squad Friendly2008-08-13 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, survivor ~ Friendly2008-06-17 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, h^s hyp3rsonic Friendly2008-06-15 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, q./wD Friendly2008-06-15 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, nh. #Noobi-Heaven, [OHM] Project-Omega, s0s. Special Zero Squad Friendly2008-06-01 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, [DA] Dark Alliance WPTFCL2008-04-21 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, S. Survivors Friendly2008-04-14 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, |A| |A|vengers Friendly2008-04-06 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, >SS< Sharp Shooters Friendly S12008-04-03 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ WPTFCL2008-03-31 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, s0s. Special Zero Squad Friendly2008-03-28 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [X] X-Fighters NHTFCL S12008-03-26 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, aI. Friendly2008-03-24 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, <-NH-> Noobi-Hell NHTFCL S12008-03-21 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, [ED] Friendly2008-03-18 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, <*BB>{ BlubBlub Fishes NHTFCL S12008-03-16 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [TG] Team Gordan NHTFCL S12008-03-09 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, [c] Copyrighted WPTFCL2008-03-05 Details
at | Anonymous Tactics, s0s. Special Zero Squad Friendly2008-03-05 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, s0s. Special Zero Squad Friendly2008-03-02 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [DG] Dutch Girls NHTFCL S12008-03-02 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, *s* Sinless Friendly2008-02-25 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, -Is- Internet Sharks NHTFCL S12008-02-23 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ (as Poor Dogs) Friendly2008-02-23 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [SS] Sacred Service NHTFCL S12008-02-17 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, hB. Hyperactive Bunnys Friendly2008-02-14 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [XFT] [Xeonic- Fallen- Team] NHTFCL S12008-02-06 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, s0s. Special Zero Squad WPTFCL2008-02-03 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, =RS= ReD SoldierS Friendly2008-02-02 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, hB. Hyperactive Bunnys Friendly2008-01-31 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, [DA] Dark Alliance Friendly2008-01-20 Details
=RS= ReD SoldierS, [OHM] Project-Omega Friendly2008-01-19 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, [~X~] ~Xeno-Project~ Friendly2008-01-17 Details
hS| Heavens Saints, [-] Untitled Friendly2008-01-15 Details
nh. #Noobi-Heaven, [OHM] Project-Omega Friendly2008-01-13 Details
[~X~] ~Xeno-Project~, v3~. Veni Vidi Vici Friendly2008-01-06 Details
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