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Leagues / WPTFCL / Last day to sign up for Wireplay TFCL!posted at 18:17 on 3 May 2012
Today is the last day to sign up eight players for the 23rd season of the Wireplay Team Fortress Classic League. b0nes confirmed that tomorrow the sign-up will be closed and on Monday, the league will start.
"im gonna start the league on monday", said b0nes. He continued: "teams need to prove they can field a team by this weekend".

As of now, eleven clans signed up for the league, from which 6 have more than eight members, which leaves 5 with not enough to proceed and play in the new Wireplay season.
written by: orangensaft
Last day to sign up for Wireplay TFCL! - News Details - GGDB
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