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Community / Speedruns / A fantastic 21 minutes speedrun by relatively known playersposted at 13:37 on 26 April 2014
What a run! I haven't had this many WTF-moments in a long time. Just one minute into the run quadrazid skips the lift by blocking it, making it go up. He then proceeds with various expectable "jumping around in test-chamber" activities. Abuses of what I think are func_breakables, skipping levels completely and one of the most outrageous negative damage exploits that I have ever seen - this run has it all.
I strongly recommend watching this piece of art. It's fantastic.

More information, download links and a spreadsheet with lots of details on each segment about who played and what the improvement to the 2007 run was can be found in the video's description.
written by: orangensaft

"Half-Life in 20:41" by quadrazid on YouTube
A fantastic 21 minutes speedrun by relatively known players - News Details - GGDB
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