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IP:us162.248.94.35:27015 SteamConnect via Steam
Name:Online ZombieHell |Zombies vs Human| [FastDL] (Updated: 05 Feb 2019)
Players:9 / 32 (Bots: 16)
Game:cscz Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Protocol 48
VAC VAC secure Bots Bots
Linux Dedicated Server Type 73

Fork Me5800:03:02
Infected Crusher118:33:44
Infected Ringo018:33:44
Infected Pheonix018:33:44
Infected Stone018:33:44
Infected Wolf018:33:44
Infected Brett018:33:44
Infected Kurt018:33:44
Infected Gunner018:33:44
Infected Rip Bot018:33:44
Infected Quade Bot018:33:44
Infected Rock Bot018:33:44
Infected Moe Bot018:33:44
Infected Quintin Bot018:33:44
Infected Minh Bot018:33:44
Infected Cliffe Bot018:33:44
Infected Arnold Bot018:33:44

Name Value Updated
allow_spectators 1 12 Feb 2019
amxmodx_version AMXModX
> AMXModX @SourceForge
1.8.3-dev+5134 12 Feb 2019
amx_client_languages AMXModX 1 12 Feb 2019
ZombieHell |Zombies vs Human| [FastDL] - Server Details - GGDB
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